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Document Number:  OC3-12, T3
PoS Analyzer– Packet Over SONET /
PoS, or Packet over SONET / SDH—OC-3/STM-1 and OC-12/STM-
4 is supported at full rates over dual interfaces. Access, capture,
analysis, and emulation of PPP and HDLC, all carrying IP traffic in
real-time makes this card useful to many applications including
routing, deep packet inspection, and other internet traffic
PoS Protocol Analysis
PPP Analyzer can be used to capture a host of PPP protocols
exchanged between the two nodes over SONET/SDH link. User
can obtain detailed analysis of higher later protocols (IP, TCP,
UDP, HTTP, FTP, POP3 etc) and can perform various statistics
measurements. Integrated Packet Data Analysis (PDA) in Real-
time PPP Analyzer is an outstanding tool for live monitoring of
VoIP traffic. It can segregate IP traffic into SIP / H323 / Megaco /
MGCP calls and collects statistics, CDRs, ladder diagrams, and a
Figure: PPP Protocol
PoS Tx / Rx Test
An emulation and test capability that transmits fixed,
random, or variable lengths test packets and checks packets
on receive at a user specified data transmission rate
Figure: PoS Tx/Rx Test
Support for the following PRBS Patterns: 2^9 – 1, 2^11 – 1, 2^15
– 1, 2^20 – 1, 2^23 – 1, 2^29 – 1, 2^31 – 1, all one’s, all zero’s,
alternate ones and zeros, user-defined pattern of lengths from 2
to 32 bits, invert and non-invert selections, single bit error
insertion, error insert rate from 10^-1 to 10^-9, status for pattern
sync, bit errors counters, and packet rate and packet gap
configuration options, configurable header lengths and header
PoS Port Configuration
PoS Port Configuration allows users to select FCS type, control
FCS stripping on Rx and FCS appending on Tx.
Figure: PoS Port Configuration
Figure: PoS BERT