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Document Number: OC3-12, T3
ATM Analyzer Asynchronous Transfer Mode Over SONET /
ATM over SONT/SDH— OC-3/STM-1 and OC-12/STM-4 is
supported at full rates over dual interfaces. Access, capture,
analysis, and emulation of ATM cells at wirespeed make this
interface capability applicable for wide ranging next generation
ATM Protocol Analyzer
ATM Analyzer is used to analyze and view ATM protocols across
the U-plane for both NNI and UNI interface carrying AAL0, AAL2
and AAL5 traffic.
UMTS Protocol Analyzer
UMTS analyzer is capable of capturing, decoding and performing
various test measurements across various interfaces i.e. Iub, Iur,
IuCs and IuPs interfaces of the UMTS network. In addition, it
supports ATM as the transport layer. It helps in fault diagnosis
ATM Configuration
ATM Configuration allows user to either pass or drop the Idle
Support for the following PRBS Patterns: 2^9 – 1, 2^11 – 1, 2^15
– 1, 2^20 – 1, 2^23 – 1, 2^29 – 1, 2^31 – 1, All one's, all zero's,
alternate ones and zeros, user defined pattern of lengths from 2
to 32 bits, invert and non-invert selections, single bit error
insertion, error insert rate from 10^-1 to 10^-9, HEC error
insertion, on receive filtering is provided for idle cells, GFC, VPI,
VCI, CL, and PT cells, statistical details for total cells, valid cells,
idle cells, filtered cells, and filtered out cells.
ATM Tx / Rx Test
An emulation and test capability that transmits ATM test cells
and / or analyzes the received cells at a user specified data
transmission rate
Figure: ATM Protocol
Figure: ATM Tx/Rx Test
Figure: ATM BERT
Figure: ATM Port Configuration