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Document Number: OC3-T3
Other Applications of OC3-T3 Analyzer
Software Loopback (Rx-To-Tx Memory Loopback)
This application is used for diagnostic purposes. It loops all the
received packets / cells from the SONET to the transmitting ports
and displays the Tx and Rx information. Memory Loopback
application uses both ports on the selected board.
Figure: Memory
Performance Counters
Following performance counters are available in the analyzer: Tx
Statistics, Rx Statistics, PMC TxRx Statistics, Interrupt Statistics,
and DMA Engine
The statistics display two types of counters: board counters and
port counters. The board counters display cumulative counts for
all ports on the same board, while port counters display
SONET/SDH RAW (or Transparent) Payload
Raw or transparent mode allows direct access to the SONET /
SDH payload for BERT, data transmit and receive applications.
RAW BERT support for the following PRBS Patterns: 2^9
1, 2^11 – 1, 2^15 – 1, 2^20 – 1, 2^23 – 1, 2^29 – 1, 2^31 – 1,
all one's, all zero's, alternate ones and zeros, user defined
pattern of lengths from 2 to 32 bits, invert and non-invert
selections, single bit error insertion, error insert rate from
10^1 to 10^9, status for pattern sync, and bit errors
Wirespeed capture of raw data to hard disk on one or both
ports simultaneously. The data is recorded in 64 bytes block
with appropriate header.
Playback of recorded data from file at wirespeed on one or
more ports.
Alarms and Error monitoring and logging at SONET/SDH level.
Packet Delay Emulation for PoS and ATM based traffic
The Network Delay Emulator is an optional application (requires
license) provides full duplex delay simulation for PoS and ATM based
traffic from 1 ms to 500 ms, with incremental delays of 1 ms. The
application combines hardware and software based functions to
achieve precision and flexibility. It can emulate packet delays that
occur over SONET/SDH carrying ATM/PoS traffic.
With this application, the user can:
test the impact of delay and congestion under various real
world conditions,
assess impact of delay on SLA (Service Level Agreements),
simulate satellite delay and long Fiber Loops
test WAN application performance under deteriorated but
Figure: Packet Delay
Figure: Packet Delay