Document Number: OC3-T3
Main Features
OC3-12/STM-1/4 Analysis and Emulation (&
Telcom data  peed1000™ hardware platform (available as PCIe Card and USB Pod) is capable of
OC-3/12 and STM-1/4 wirespeed processing on dual optical ports for functions such as
data recording and wirespeed playback of ATM, PoS, RAW Traffic.
The TDA turnkey system comes with software for overall monitoring, BERT, emulation, and
protocol analysis with a price tag that compares very favorably with similar test instruments at
three times the price. TDPA OC3-TC is designed for protocol analysis of ATM, PoS,
Raw unchannelized and unframed data, and traffic at IP, UDP, and higher layers. The hardware
can be easily configured / programmed for delaying of ATM Cells or PPP packets.
The systems’s multiple connectivity using  Optical Fiber, RJ-48c, Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), and USB 2.0, makes multi channel monitoring a snap. And  with removable SSD and upto 16GB of memory  there is no hiccups in testing, monitoring , recording or playback performance
*Units equipped with PCIe card only
*Multiple ports per system for super high capacity monitoring and test system.
High performance PCIe bus interface with optimized DMA to perform Rx and Tx
packets to/from PC memory.
Hardware based precise time-stamping of cells with 10 nsec resolution, 1 ppm
Software selectable OC-3(STM-1) or OC-12(STM-4) for ATM, PoS or
Transparent Traffic.
API Toolkit to develop user specific applications.
Traffic *Wirespeed processing of ATM, PoS or RAW data for Tx and Rx for both ports.
*Precisely emulates packet delays that occur over SONET/SDH carrying ATM or
PoS traffic, delay is adjustable from 1 ms to maximum of 500 mSec.
Ability to capture/playback to/from disk at full rate in both directions for both
ports for detailed offline analysis.
Simultaneous synchronous capture or transmit is possible on both optical ports.
Comprehensive transmit/receive testing capabilities; transmitting and
verifying data with incrementing sequence numbers with each packet/cell.
BERT Easy to use and flexible Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) application for ATM, POS,
and RAW
ATM (AAL2, AAL5) Protocol Analyzer
Protocol Analysis
PPP (IP and higher layer protocols) Protocol
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