High end Digital Video Recorders with IRIG-B time-stamp, GPS time-stamp or computer time stamp, Radar computer video monitor capture & recording, and advance rackmount servers and storage raid arrays. Please Scroll for More views 





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RS-1702 QUAD-core Xeon 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers


RS-1702 Quad core Telco Carrier Grade Linux or Windows Ent. servers AC or 28V DC p/s

RS-1702 QUAD Opteron 2U Carrier Grade Enterprise Servers




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Partial Customer and client list.: Over the years our company has supported many customers, including but not limited to many primes and fortune 1000 companies with various custom solutions:  Email: sales{AT}cepoint-DOT-com     Phone: 603-883-7979 Fax: 603-883-3266

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Cepoint RS-1704r© series Industrial rackmount computers with Redundant H/S power supply for fail-safe critical computing.  4U 19”Industrial Rackmount computers configured with optional Redundant hot-swappable power supplies and optional QUAD or Dual- multicore Xeon processors. 110/220VAC or 28 VDC /-48VDC option  4 to 20 PCI/PCI-express, PCI-X or ISA  bus EXPANSION slots for multi-IO data acquisition cards

Rugged, Airborne or Shipboard Industrial Computer Systems direct from the original manufacturer!


Rugged Rackmount INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS w/ 20-slots PCI/PCIe EXPANDABLE bus slots & 28V DC power supply option


RS-1704r©  server rack mount series are ideal for fail-safe critical industrial environment and High density computing installation were reliability cooling and continual performance is required. The RS-194r series  are typically configured for intensive computing clustering in Enterprise MIS departments, laboratory R &D and schools and university research facilities that requires 24 x 7 throughput, blazing performance. Configurations can be in  2U, 4U and 5U optimized rack formats for considerable space saving, quick and easy maintenance and easy expandability with very minimal down time. High reliable Industrial Single Board Computers or active industrial grade motherboards, hot swappable, optional redundant power supplies up to 1.2KW and optional hot swappable storage drive modules. 4-slot to 20-slots QUAD- and DUAL- Multicore  Intel-XEON processer Servers, PCI, PCI-express, PCI-X and ISA. Best for multiple Bus Data acquisition cards

  • Heavy duty steel or aluminum standard 19" rackmount chassis and optional EIA standard fiber-optic interface cabling to eliminate EMI/RFI problems.
  • 8 to 20 slot passive backplane. Industrial wallmount or panel mount chassis or enclosure options
  • Single-board CPU which protects system components from shock and vibration.
  • Protective door with security lock to cover the disk drive opening from dust or foreign objects and unauthorized access.

Additional protective features include a keyboard lock, front panel power and reset switch, disk activity LED, a shock-isolated mounting panel for hard drive storage sub-system, an industrial-quality power supply to provide line filtering with surge suppression, and dual fans to pull air through a modalic filter.


19" Rackmount

19" RACKMOUNT Ship board Beowulf cluster industrial computers. Master node, slave node or terminal nodes
MIL-Std-810F options on available.

Vibration, Shock, moisture, dust and humidity proof Custom configured Beowulf cluster, High performance RUGGED INDUSTRIAL Single Board Computers (SBC) ,19" Rack Mount INDUSTRIAL COMPUTERS & Workstations for test laboratories and harsh environments subjected to shock, vibration, dust humidity moisture and extreme temperature. 20/14/12/8/6 Slots PCI,PCI-X, ISA & PCIe bus backplane. Rugged heavy duty construction. 250 to 500 Watts UL, TUV approved power supplies. Optional - 48VDC or 24VDC power supplies. Black or Pantone Beige color options.

  • Rack mount 15", 17" & 20" heavy duty LCD display monitors.
  • Rack mount KVM switches.
  • Rack mount RAID systems.
  • RAID storage up to 180TB

Cepoint's RACK-XXG and Rx series Industrial Systems are used for:

  • Factory Automation
  • Laboratory Test controllers
  • Data Acquisition & Process Control
  • Telecommunications
  • Surface Ships & Submarines
  • C31 EW, RADAR
  • Industrial Network Files Servers
  • Instrumentation
  • Mobile Vehicles
  • Motion Control Robotics
  • Telephony & Voice messaging
  • Multimedia & TV production



RS-1704R offers Redundant  hot-swap P/S,  Easy Maintenance and  very high reliability

Fig (3): Model RS-1704r© with redundant P/S. Handles up to 14-20 FULL Length industrial data acquisition I/O cards or boards such as multi-channel data capture, frame-grabbers, digital & analog i/o cards, RTD ..etc..

Optional Redundant hot swappable -48VDC 400 watts p/s available

Example of  14-Slot version Configuration specifications:

*NOTATION:  Please NOTE that configurations are custom and specifications given here is a general guide or example only.

*Note all specifications are subject to change without notice. Spec below is an example only since units are custom configured.


General Specifications:


483 x 177 x 450 WxHxD mm


Net  (55 lb)

(without backplane, drives and power supply )




Heavy-duty steel chassis


up to 14 boards

Disk drive bay

Three 5ºî drives (accessible from front panel)

and three 3½î drives (one accessible from front)

shock resistant protect against vibration/shock

Cooling fans

85 CFM fan (flow-in) with

air filter on front, 120 x 120 x 25 mm

Controls on Front Panel

Power On/Off switch, RESET button

Keyboard Lock switch

Indicators on Front panel

Power on, HDD activity

Keyboard connector

Pre-wired 5-pin DIN connector on front panel


One 8-ohm speaker mounted on fan housing


Operating Temperature

0~45°C (0~75°C non-operating)



3000 m (10,000 ft.)


2.5G @ 15-20ms

(35G @ 15-20ms non-operating)


5 ~ 17 Hz, 0.1" double amplitude displacement;

17 ~ 500 Hz, 1.5 G acceleration

(operating and non-operating)

Power Supply Options


500 W Power Supply (PS/2 size)

VINTPUT : 95~130 VAC or 180~260 VAC

@ 47~63 Hz,switchable

VOUTPUT (max. load) : +5 V @ 25 A,

+12 V @ 10 A, -5 V @ 0.5 A, -12V @ 0.5 A

VOUTPUT (min. load) : +5V @ 1 A, +12 V @ 0.4 A


250 W ATX Power Supply (PS/2 size)

VINTPUT : 100~130 VAC or 180~260 VAC

@ 50~60 Hz, switchable

VOUTPUT (max. load) : +3.3 V @ 14 A,

+ 5 V @ 25 A, +12 V @ 12 A, -5 V @ 0.5 A,

-12V @ 1 A, +5 Vsb @ 1.5 A

VOUTPUT (min. load) : +5V @ 3 A, +12 V @ 2 A


300 W ATX Power Supply (PS/2 size)

VINTPUT : 100~130 VAC or 180~260 VAC

@ 50~60 Hz, switchable

VOUTPUT (max. load) : +3.3 V @ 20 A,

+ 5 V @ 30 A, +12 V @ 12 A, -5 V @ 0.5 A,

-12V @ 1 A, +5 Vsb @ 1.5 A

VOUTPUT (min. load) : +5V @ 3 A, +12 V @ 2 A

Optional Redundant PS/2 size

power supplies


Passive Backplane Options



Available: QUAD-Core/Dual-core/ xeon/Legacy Pentiums also available.


Sales Contact:  sales{AT}cepoint-DOT-com